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Thursday, July 24, 2008


"Guasa" is a form of traditional Chinese health therapy based on the knowledge and experience passed down through the generations for more than a few thousand years. This unique art attracted much attention due to its extraordinary effects in relieving flu and colds.

In the olden days, the instrument used for guasa was either a coin or a ceramic spoon. These tools were dipped in liquor or water and used to scrape the surface of the skin until red patches appear.

The advantages of Guasa are that it is easy to learn, no side-effects, can be performed anytime and the scraping process can be done even while wearing clothing.
The modern day lifestyle is very stressful as people are increasingly engrossed in multiple activities in pursuit of their goals. Many of them do not seem to have time for proper eating a balance diet and regular exercise. This stressful lifestyle coupled with lack of exercise affects our metabolism system, resulting in many health complications such as chronic disease. To make matters worse, most of these chronic diseases cannot be treated by modern medication.

This has resulted in the emergence of Guasa therapy as this technique is extremely effective for the enhancement of our health. In fact, medical theories have also acknowledged that the techniques used by guasa. In addition, the instrument for guasa has been refined and guasa has now become a very practical and reliable therapy for people who live in the modern society.

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